About Pan America

Rajkumar Lalwani

In the last 16 years we have reinvented ourselves, keeping perfect pace with the fashion aspirations of the demanding, urban young Indian and keeping our philosophy of delivering value for money intact.

Ashok Bhandari

We target to increase our production to 10 lakh garments a month and expand our presence in Middle East and soon launch in Europe.

16 years of colour, dazzle and glory. Pan America set its footprint in an India that was just waking up to the new rules of fashions. When brands were either luxury -out of reach for the middle class or just low profile street-wear and of dubious quality. Pan America sensed a pulsating need to take the road between that will synch good quality with affordability.

The trade pundits later called it mid-segment. We knew it as The India. A surging, mass of consumers awakening, rediscovering and re-inventing. Dressing the Indian male. seeking to understand how his Indian values synch mesh with modern aspirations.

It has been a ride that has been challenging, stimulating, at times frustrating but most often a revelation, a discovery and pleasantly surprising. Team Pan America comprises of extremely talented craftsmen, adept designers, strong distributors and a proactive support team and a network of MBOs and EBOs striving continuously to deliver the best.

Pan America started as a value for money brand for India's burgeoning middle class. Economy was our motto. And we lived by that core philosophy during the roller-coaster ride of one and a half decades. We saw boom and we saw bust. Exhilaration and depression. But we remained ever so steadfast when it came to our pricing strategy and we were incredibly fast in changing styles and matching mercurial fashion aspirations. Today's Indian has emerged a winner with his Indian-ness intact while his tastes and refinements have gone global.

Just like Pan America. What the world is wearing.

Pan America is available throughout India in more than 3000 MBOs. It is also available in Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Kuwait.